Knitting Patterns

Monday, June 29, 2009


Today, June 29, I cut my hair after 10 years of long, longer, long. The haircutter started by cutting off 8 inches & worked from there. It's really short! but most importantly - it's really cool! I have been so hot with all that hair I couldn't stand it any longer!

Here I am at the LYS, Gauge Knits in Austin.


I am on my 4th or 5th Baby Surprise Jacket. I love them & am understanding their construction better every time. I am doing a lot of color work, which I group as "thoughts" - a thought of pink merging into an orange/yellow thought, etc. etc. This one is for Elisheba & starts out with vivid turquoise & ends up in pink & turq.

Knitting Obsession!!

Hi Friends!
I have taken up knitting again in the past year & it has exploded in my creative work. I am loving it!

I am posting here with my daily activities & knitting thoughts.

Here I am with my wife at a local charity event a couple of weeks ago!!